Rated: PG

Aircraft 04/18/2012

Recent Project

Plant Hanger

Hand Vise

Assembled Hand Vise

Hand Vise Maker's Stamp

Tools being made from jackhammer bits 05/16/12

scrap yard tooling

Bucking bar.

My new sign

Forged steel headboard

20oz Hammer from Jackhammer Bit 05/21/2012

20 oz Hammer (Second View) 05/21/2012

Honest Bob


Slope Tractor

tractor show

tractor show

tractor show

tractor show

Large Leaf 06/19/12

Large Leaf

Another Large Leaf

Folded Leaf

Large Folded Leaf

1960 (approx) Wheel Horse Lawn Tractor

trade item

another view

Portable Forge 06/25/2012

Forge Blower Stand

My Workshop 06/25/12

Workshop II

Workshop III

Workshop II

Workshop III (2nd try)

Wrought Iron Candle Holder 06/26/2012

Wrought Iron Candle Holder


Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Wrought Iron

Etched Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Dan Boone & friend

HERTZ + TESLA + VAN de GRAAFF sculpture

Olympic Medals for a Birthday Party

Olympic Medals

a handrail

Bev & Kim

Shoe Sculpture

Steve, Kevin & Nathan

Kim & 3 Dogs


QS Anvil Detail

QS Tailgating

QS Tailgating

QS Tailgating

Gallery Piece


QS Project

Jonathan Nedbor

trade item

trade items any three leged candle stand

RSMA Oct. demonstrator

10/22/2012 1920's Hand Tachometer

Advent wreath stand

top of stand

bottom of stand

Grob 18" Vertical Metal Bandsaw 11/01/2012

my 200 lb williams and white

another pic of my 200 lb williams

Williams and White

Trade Items

Rural Smiths last saturday

RSMA meeting


another view

Bobby Hansson 2010 Ness Creek Saskatchewan

Tire Iron Menorah

Tire Iron Menorah, Oblique

Whoops, this is the other picture...


Curtain rod brackets

Dragster Poker

Fee's Gates


Detail on the railing

My Traveling Turtle Shell

1/2 Inch Plate Vessel

1/2 Inch Plate Vessel

trade item

Close up


200 lb, 20:1 Iron Kiss

The New Heavy Duty Iron Kiss Octagon 150


Hand Axe 02/03/2012

Wrought Iron Hand Axe

Burn ?

Dad's urn

urn top

Latest Project

Hearth Tools

Hearth Tool Stand


Again Complete

Box Stand

Stand with Box


Trade items saturday

saturdays meeting/ show and tell

Smallest calipers

Small Wrought Iron Axe with Steel Bit

Wrapped Wrought Iron with Steel Bit.

Cocobolo Handle

Wrapped Eye

Sneaky Snake

Another view of sneaky

Small Axe from Ball Pien Hammer

Early Medieval Chest

Early Medieval Chest, Handle Up

large champion forge

large buffalo forge

my 700 lb hay budden

my 450 pound fisher

williams and white 200 lb. hammer

my 75 pound bradley guided helve

my 350 lb. Hay Budden

my 325 Lb Hay Budden "doorstop"

my demo "blacksmith shop"

my 105 pound six inch columbian

little used 240 lb hay budden

Little used 300 lb. peter wright

belt grinder

5 HP pedestal grinder

Radiac 7 1/2 HP Chop Saw Back View

Five inch vise in comparison to my 8 inch Leg Vise

250 lb peter wright I am resurfacing

my hammer rack

6" Parker Vise on steel table

swage block and vise on table

3" leg vise for close work

buzz box

acetylene rig

7 1/2HP Radiac Chop Saw Front View

Lineshaft Powered Drill Press


7 1/2HP Pedestal Grinder 16x4 wheels

50 lb fisher bench anvil

Fireplace Tools

Fireplace Set Duel

Residential handrail

Railing detail

Object De' Art

Mug Handle

Candle Holders

2nd Rice Bowl

75 or 100 lb Beaudry

Pipe bender

Another view of bender setup

Detail of bender parts


Another view

IBA Conference

View of fireplace tools for winning set

One of many show and tell items

IBA Conference

IBA Conference

Miller Switch Component That Failed

Salvaged welder

Etched Wrought Iron with Steel Bit Axe 7/18/2013

Another View of the Axe

One piece animal

front view of ?

Medieval War Axe and Shield 07/28/2013

Flatbed Dump

Flatbed raised

Underside of the bed

Inverter Cabinet

Progress on My Grandson's Medieval Shield 8/4/13

Hossfeld Bender Model #2 For Sale

150# Beaudry Power Hammer 08/06/2013

Beaudry Power Hammer Logo

My latest knife order

For Whom The Bell Tolls


Inspired by Nathan's Demo at Tuckahoe 9/25/2013


Trimming tree before cutting down.

Trimming second tree.

Some (relatively recent) Work

Glass piece


Morovian Style Hinges

Matching (sort of) hasp

wall mount

Grandson with Medieval Shield 10/24/13

new shop

New Shop


1969 Minneapolis Moline Jet Star 3 Super 11/01/13

1969 Minneapolis Moline Jetstar 3 Super 11/07/13

Rear of MM.

saturdays meeting

saturdays meeting

We got Fire

Raising Target




My shop 11/29/13

Corner View

150# Fairbanks and Sanding/Polishing Station

50 Ton Press

Fairbanks and Grob vertical metal band saw

308 KG Refflinghaus Anvil

246 # Peddinghaus Anvil

Raising Project

Copper Sunflower

Cook Book Holder

Cook Book Holder

Christmas present

another view

Steampunk Name Sign 12/31/2013


Waterpump 1/1/2014

Emblem on the tank

Trade Items


another view

Eretel the Turtle

another view

Another trade item


A guitar I've been working on 01/31/2031

Guitar 0131/2014

Guitar 01/31/2014

5.5 # Striking Hammer

Small Striking Hammer 02/02/2012

Finished Guitar 02/07/14

Finished Guitar 02/07/14

Finished Guitar 02/07/14

Wine Bottle Holder 01/09/2012

Wine Bottle Holder... 01/09/2014

Car Spring Stap Hinges

Fleur de Lis Strap Hinges in situ

FdL Hinge, Up Close

Kubota I used to move snow.

Parking area


Home-made plow on the Gravely

Oakley Forge, Exterior

Oakley Forge, Interior (Hot work end.)

Dining room table legs